Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Angels 20: Clocked 20 000 views this week

Angels 20: Clocked 20 000 views this week

Many thanks to all my readers. My blog clocked 20 000 views this week.
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Monday, 12 August 2013

Car crash fire water-bombed!

Car Crash Water-bombed

How cool is this. Overkill, but cool

Canadair CL-415 "Super cooper" water bomber aircraft are not only used to support ground firefighting activities in case of forest fires.


The “Superscooper” planes can be extremely useful when you need to extinguish fire following a car crash and your firefighting trucks are several miles away.

Authorities in rural Canada have turned to an aerial water bomber to put out a dangerous fire after a truck crash.

Last week a semi-trailer collided with a road grader on the Trans-Labrador Highway in far northern Canada and when the wreck began to smoke, local firefighters called in their largest weapon, CBC News reports
Recently released footage shows the giant water-bombing aircraft slowly approaching the crash site before unleashing a torrent of water and fire retardant to extinguish the blaze.

The footage was taken by Shawn Noseworthy, a manager with Humber Valley Paving who was working on the road.
The driver of the truck was pulled to safety by the driver of the grader and taken to hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.
Source: CBC News

Check out the amazing video:

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Airliner hits cow

Lion Air from Indonesia, already known for poor safety record, hits a cow

The pilot reports smelling burning meat

A Lion Air jet carrying 117 people has hit a cow while landing and skidded off a runway in eastern Indonesia.
No injuries were reported, but the incident forced the cancellation of flights, stranding hundreds of passengers traveling for the Eid holiday.
The incident occurred Tuesday night (local time) as the Boeing 737-800 plane was landing at Jalaluddin airport in Gorontalo on Sulawesi island with 110 passengers and seven crew, Transportation Ministry spokesman Bambang Ervan said.
He said three cows were on the runway, and the plane hit at least one of them and careened off the runway before coming to a stop.
The incident is under investigation.
An airport official said several flights were cancelled and planes resumed landing today.
In April, a Lion Air plane belly-flopped into the ocean just short of the runway off the resort island of Bali. All 108 people aboard survived.
Associated Press

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