Sunday, 26 August 2012

Aircraft Nut

This blog is about my love for things with wings...
Planes and Birds, but mostly planes

The love affair started as a small boy, when my father took us to the then
Jan Smuts International Airport in Johannesburg.
The observation deck was open in those days.Yes, open.

You could smell the Av-gas and hear the engines running. I marveled at the logos on the tails of the international aircraft...

The Flying Springbok, the Rising Sun, The Lufthansa Adler, Air India,
KLM, ELAL., Portuguese Airlines, Varig, Swiss Air ...

Now defunct airlines like BOAC, Pan Am, Sabena, Luxair, Air Rodesia, they were all there !
Once we'd had our fill of watching from the observation deck, we drove down to the end of the runway to watch the planes take off. A great Sunday afternoon outing!

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