Thursday, 17 November 2016

Multi-national Chopper and Naval force assisting in Kaikoura Earthquake evacuation

Choppers from 4 Nations assist with evacuation at Kaikoura

More snaps of the multinational military co-operation in evacuating affected people from Kaikoura after the 7.4 earthquake left the popular sea side resort holiday isolated and several thousand trapped.

Australia, Canada, the US and NZ military forces have been deployed to assist with the evacuation of visitors and injured, and resupply the residents. Water supplies were running low in particular, and inclement weather made access from both air and land almost impossible.

Photos from the NZ Defence Force (not mine, shared on their facebook page) show commanders of the vessels arriving, supplies being dropped. A feast for the eyes of naval helicopter observers and aircraft nuts.

I find it interesting to see that protesters were protesting at a military convention in Auckland while their own military and also foreign military were required to save the lives and help in the evacuation of quake affected New Zealanders.

We all rely on the military when things turn to custard. Yup, there is justification on spending money on military hardware. Its not about making war, but also keeping the peace and deterring those who may see us as a push-over. And doing the hard yakka and saving when the chips are down.

Without hawks there will be peace for the doves to coo in.
Who will you turn to when the going gets tough?
Seems memories are very short in peace-time.

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